1. The foreign exchange market or Forex is a global decentralized market for trading currencies.

    Masterforex is an ECN Broker. Masterforex is located in Cyprus. Masterforex started as a broker in 2010. Masterforex is a Not regulated Broker. Masterforex is known as independent broker. The Online Broker is a US Clients Broker. The Trading platform that can be used of Masterforex is MT4 
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    Master Forex has been helping people with wider horizons earn money on financial markets since 2nd October, 2006.  Their emphasis on quality and professionalism coupled with their capital base makes for some very satisfied customers.  The two primary goals of this company are managing the assets of its clients in 130 countries worldwide, and providing them easy access to the world’s financial markets.

    The dynamism of Master Forex is evidence by all the recent changes made, for instance, considering their customer’s views and opening up a 24-hour Customer Service department to improve their quality of service, developing a network of representative offices in the countries in which Master Forex operates, and the establishment of a Representative Department which smoothes things over for all the branches and facilitates their cohesive operation.

    Master Forex offers clients high quality projections and various facilities. Since Forex is not a market with strict rules and opening times and all operations are made on the basis of free currency exchange, even small conversions get to be quite expensive. This is where institutions such as Master Forex come in.

    The merits of working with this company are many, among these:

    - Minimum deposit of $1

    - Freedom of creating one’s own future and augmenting income

    - Forex tools

    - Excellent Affiliate program

    - Leverage up to 1:500

    - Spread from two points

    - Speed of execution.

    MF Trader 4 is the Trading platform used by Master Forex and is one of the best available.  It allows technical analysis and managing trading operations in real time while working on the Forex, Futures and Contracts for Difference markets.

    This website is convenient to navigate and ensures that beginners are well-informed, and more seasoned clients are well taken care of. Anyone can school themselves on the basics of Master Forex, its procedures, its mission statement, as well as have access to the latest data and analyses. There is a section where one can ask questions that are responded to with speed and also contests that are held.

    Provision is made to enter ones personal history of trading and all other details so a clear record is maintained and can be managed online. All of this shows adherence to the company’s mission of providing the best service and that it values its customers above all else.